We are offering quality services since 1975 vide license no 1518/PPS/75 dated 26/07/2015, to domestic & industrial, satisfied clients. Our specialized herbal treatment offers fewer odors with high level of satisfaction.

Our guarantee services offer free services.*


1. Our services not only include surficial areas, in cases we go for root cause & by drilling we inject the chemicals at the deepest infected area thereby control the damage satisfactorily*.
2. Pay for 2 years services at time and get 3 years services for General Pest Control.
3. Book your service order today ( 8 a.m. to 8 p.m.) & get your services within 24 hours*.
4. On Sundays & holidays also services available for your convenience*.
5.Our representatives attend your premises for free inspection & quotation*.
6. We are ready to hear your feedback/problems. understanding of client needs.

*Terms & conditions applicable.